General Information

We encourage all PWDCC members to participate in the PWDCA sponsored PWD Health and Litter Database. Whether your dog is a pet or a show champion, your dogs' health information can ensure healthy dogs for generations to come. All purebred and mixed breed dogs are prone to hereditary health problems. The Portuguese Water Dog is no exception. The Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada encourages its members to be aware of health issues and responsible breeding practices to reduce or eliminate hereditary health problems. The information provided herein should help you in your quest for a responsible breeder and a healthy dog. There may be other health issues not specifically identified – ask the breeder if there are any other hereditary issues in their lines. Always ask to see the actual health certificates and go online with the open registeries to verify the certificates. (,

The links below contain some health issues that are currently identified in the Portuguese Water Dog.

Eyes – PRA, Optigen, CERF
Storage Disease GM-1
Addison’s Disease